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Please keep in mind that not all rules are listed here. We reserve the right to edit this page without notification. This being a semi-serious role play server, we do not enforce strict role play regarding OOC and /me. However, we do require that players follow NLR, FearRP, and role play their job/character accurately. You may choose to skip over these rules, but bear in mind that we do not accept “I didn’t know that was a rule” as an excuse, and you may suffer the consequences.

General Rules:

  - Do not prop climb, prop surf, prop spam, prop push, or prop kill.

  - Do not apply other server rules to this server.

  - Do not spawn large/unnecessary large/obstructive props.

  - This is not a sandbox/build server. You must RP, not playing Jenga with props. Bases that are not reasonable and lag the server will be removed.

  - Follow NLR (New Life Rule). NLR is 3 minutes for everybody unless otherwise stated. If/when you die you cannot "remember" anything from your "previous life". You may not return back to base until NLR period is over unless the raiders specifically state that the raid is over. You may not kill the raiders later after you have died and respawned. In baby words: you cannot have ANYTHING to do with the things that killed you for 3 minutes (People/places/etc)

  - During a Police Station raid, NLR is only 2 minutes for police officers/government officials.

 - Also during a PD raid the CP are not allowed to arrest the raiders because it would be considered fail RP.

  - Do not RDM (random death match), mass spawn RDM will result in instant permanent ban without warning. RDM = randomly/without reason killing somebody.

  - No PG-13+ Sprays.

  - Respect everybody whether or not they're RPing.

  - We do tolerate foul an extent. We do NOT tolerate bullying/racism/sexism/etc.

  - No abusing jobs/ranks to gain favor with other players.

  - No ganging up/bullying other players because you dislike them.

  - No spam (chat spam, advert spam, OOC spam, mic spam, admin chat spam, etc).

  - Do not intentionally try to annoy other players/staff.

  - After a server-wide cleanup, do not raid for at least 3 minutes.

  - You may NOT build during a raid.

  - Do not metagame/powergame (Metagame = OOCing for RP purposes). If you are kidnapped by a player, do not use suicide or rejoin the server to escape. You cannot use the kill feed, playermodels, or job title as part of RP (assuming the job title was changed).

  - [Follow FearRP] If someone puts a gun to your head, you must go along with his or her demands (assuming they’re reasonable). If you have a weapon out at the time you can shoot back, but otherwise you can’t shoot back unless they stop aiming the gun at you. Players can’t ask for more than 800 dollars from anyone at gunpoint. You must give them 8 seconds to hand over the cash.

  - Some rules are not explicitly stated, but are implied, or have been implemented but have not yet been added to our rules section. If an admin (make sure you know who is an admin) tells you something is against the rules, listen to them. If you think they’re making up unfair rules on the spot, record a demo and submit it as admin abuse on the forum, but you must still follow the rule until the dispute is settled.

  - No spamming cameras or placing them in other people’s bases without the owner’s permission. You may not build in/on other's property. This includes blocking other people's cameras.

  - No invisible props. Must be clearly visible.

  - Toll booths with unreasonable demands/fees are NOT allowed. Checkpoints can be created, but they must not prevent players from easily crossing through them (assuming there is no lockdown).

  - You must ask an admin before blocking off a large area of the map/controlling a whole large building.

  - No building massive  eyesores in the middle of public areas. Extensions to bases are allowed if reasonable in size. Generally, players should use standard buildings provided for RP.

  - No printer bombing (setting a printer on fire and using it as a weapon) or using props as explosive.

  - Use common sense and be polite, such as DO NOT SPAWN KILL.

 - When placing hits, you must have a valid RP reason. Failure to provide a valid RP reason when placing hits will be considered failRP and possibly metagame/powergame.

Basing Rules:

  - No hiding or making keypads invisible. They must be easily seen. They must be adjacent/right next to the fading door it operates.

  - No welding prop doors.

 - If you have a KOS sign with a building sign the KOS sign nullifies the building sign.

  - You may have one fading door per entrance to a base. For example, you can have a front and back fading door, but you cannot put two in a row to make it take longer for thieves to crack their way in. Fading doors must be linked to an in game keypad and not to be operated by your keyboard. Multiple fading doors also include fading doors for vaults/printer holders, etc. The ONE fading door is your entrance, no other fading doors are allowed.

  - Fading doors cannot be against locked door, making it impossible to crack the fading door then lock pick in.

  - You may not use more than one keypad for one door to distract thieves or others trying to break in.

  - Fading doors last at least 6 seconds, and have a keypad for the door which easily accessible (not obscured in anyway, or made to make only crack-able from one angle.

  - When basing, no using props which allow the player to be shot at from inside the base, while making it impossible for him to shoot back. You may NOT materialize any props that can be shot through (Most notoriously, fences). You can only material props that you can't shoot through.

  - Must have at least 1 clearly visible entrance. Do not obstruct it or make it dark/hard to see.

 - Your base may not be dark/hard (this includes BLACK PROP TEXTURES) to see/disorientating in any way, and your base must be easily navigatable and not be prolonged to discourage raiders.

  - You may NOT KOS unless you have a KOS line. Can only defend your property.

 - Cp are only allowed to base in the PD unless exempted via RP reason.

  - No basing on top of or in the PD unless CP and cannot control the entire underground system.

  - You may NOT have bases with no-collided, or walk-through props (except for aesthetic purposes).

  - No crawl spaces/obstructing objects that affect raiders (like placing random crap on the ground to F___ their movement, etc).

  - No unraidable bases. If it's ridiculously hard to raid you, you're probably breaking one of the basing rules (this includes excessive mazeing).

Raiding/Mugging/War Rules:

  - You DO NOT have to /advert raid or /advert raid over to raid (You can /advert raid over to let the owners know they can break NLR and come back)

  - You MUST /advert counter raid to attack raiders - with good reason.

  - You DO NOT have to /advert mug. But you must type it in chat and have the target acknowledge that they're being mugged. Same goes for kidnapping/hostages.

  - You may not raid the same person again for 10 minutes. You may not spam raid (Please wait at least 3 minutes after every raid to raid someone else.

  - You may not mug the same person again for 5 minutes. You may not spam mug (Please wait at least 1 minute after every mug to mug someone else.

  - After being mugged, you may NOT shoot/kill the people that mugged you. Period.

  - You may mug Government officials. The mug time is 8 seconds. This means, they can choose to have you drop the money within 8 seconds or else you'll be killed.

  - You are allowed to solo raid.

  - Wars must have at least 3 people on each team to start, cannot last for more than 10 minutes, must be accepted by both parties and adverted. You may not kill tons of players in the crossfire.

  - Any Staff Member at any time may cancel/stop a war for any reason (Usually for too much chaos) Anyone disobeying will be punished for RDM.

Donator Rules [Read Disclaimer]:

  - You are not exempt from everybody else, you must follow all the rules that everybody else does.

  - When a Staff Member is online, regardless of rank, you MAY NOT use the votekick and voteban commands if you have access to them.

  - You may not spam the commands (votekick, votegag, voteban).

Forum Rules:

  - Forum Rules can be found in each section. Violation of this will result of being banned from the forums for a certain period of time, or perma.

Classes that CAN Raid (If your class isn't on this list, you CANNOT Raid):

  - Gangsters/Mafia
  - Mob bosses/Godfather
  - Drug Baron
  - Thief/Master Thief/Criminal Mastermind
  - Police Officers/Government Officials assuming there is a warrant (This EXCLUDES the Mayor)
  - Mercenaries (ONLY if they're with their employer)
  - Doctor (Can come along in a raid but CANNOT shoot, only there to heal. May NOT shoot back if hit by stray bullets)
  - Terrorist/Terrorist Leader [Must mostly raid Government, abuse of this will result in changing of the rules]

Job Rules and Guidelines

Citizen [Cannot raid] [Cannot Counter Raid] [Cannot Mug]:

  - You may build a small base, or use a house.

Gangsters [Can Raid] [Can Counter Raid] [Can Mug]:

  - You are encouraged, but not required to join the gang of the mob boss you belong to.
  - You are NOT allowed to join/base with the Mafia.

Mob Boss [Can Raid] [Can Counter Raid] [Can Mug]:

  - You are the boss. Please do your job and lead a gang. If not leading a gang, you may be demoted.
  - May not base with enemy mob boss.
  - Gang wars are allowed, but one of the gang leaders must declare it in advert and other mob boss must accept in advert, and it can’t last more than 10 minutes per conflict. You must not kill tons of other players in the crossfire.

People's Republic Mining Co. Manager/Stetson Steelworks Manager [Cannot Raid] [Cannot Counter Raid] [Cannot Mug]

 - Cannot build a fortified base.
 - May only use a handgun for self-defense.
 - May not be affiliated with opposing company's employees.

People's Republic Mining Co. Miner/Stetson Steelworks Miner [Cannot Raid] [Cannot Counter Raid] [Cannot Mug]

 - Cannot build a fortified base.
 - Cannot use nor own any firearm.
 - May not be affiliated with opposing company's employees.
 - Must work for the Manager of the company you're associated with (assuming they're hiring)

Manufacturing Engineer [Cannot Raid] [Cannot Counter Raid] [Cannot Mug]

 - May only use a handgun for self-defense.
 - MUST have a shop within 10 minutes of becoming a Gun Dealer.
 - May NOT set up shop right next to/near a rock quarry.
 - May NOT be affiliated or part of gangs or organizations.
 - Can NOT have a gang/raiding base.
 - You must sell to everyone, unless you have a valid RP reason to refuse service. Otherwise you may be demoted.
 - You may NOT scam!

Mafia Member/The Godfather [Can Raid] [Can Counter Raid] [Can Mug]:

  - Mafia Member MUST join the Mafia, no other gangs. Only Mafia may base together, nobody else unless for Mercenaries.
  - The Godfather may self-supply Tommy Guns assuming he's running a gang. You are able to sell to others as well.

Hitman/Assassin [Cannot Raid] [Cannot Counterraid] [Cannot Mug]:

  - Use for RDMing will result in an instant ban. You can’t kill repeatedly.
  - You may not take the same hit multiple times in a row. Cannot deny hits for no (RP) reason.
  - You may NOT be affiliated with gangs/own a house/base.
  - Hitmen/Assassins may NOT place hits.
 - Placing hits are illegal as they are advocating violence and is considered attempted murder. Cops CAN arrest/shoot you for advocating hits in any way.

Hobo/Hobo King [Cannot Raid] [Cannot Counter Raid] [Cannot Mug]:

  - You may not own Doors/base in any pre-made building (Only excepting is owning doors in the sewers and basing there)
  - Spamming bug bait will get you arrested and probably shot.
  - Throwing bug bait at players/houses/bases/public areas will get you shot.
  - Right click with bug bait equipped to sing. That is legal.
  - Hobos may own guns. They still must keep them a secret to avoid being arrested.

Police Officer/Police Chief/Peacekeeper/Swat/Riot Officer/Special Forces/Combat Medic/Delta Force [Can Raid]:

  - Corrupt Government officials are not allowed. Taking a bribe here and there is fine if valid through RP, but no raiding or stealing or owning of printers is permitted (Printers may be owned if there is a Banker).
  - You may not randomly shoot, harass, arrest or search players without a valid reason. Being informed by a Detective/Spy is a valid reason, assuming he's telling the truth.
  - Cops & Mayors are not allowed to build bases of any form, as they have the PD and the Mayor’s Office. They are the only ones allowed to build inside the PD.
  - Police should break up raves, especially if they involve drugs or drinking. Arrest if necessary, but do not return endlessly to a club to arrest its members. You must wait at least five minutes between a rave breakup.
  - You may NOT have printers of any kind anywhere.
  - If there is no Mayor/Lawboard, you may NOT make up and enforce your own imaginary laws.
  - You MUST arrest if people are raiding/lockpicking/keypad cracking - even with no laws/Mayor (This is default law)
  - You MUST arrest if people are killing others in public - even with no laws/Mayor (This is default law)
  - You MUST arrest people if they have contraband such as Money Printers/Drugs - even with no laws/Mayor (This is default law)
  - You must confiscate any weapons any hobo has out. If you see them have a weapon, confiscate it!  

Mayor [Cannot Raid]:

  - Lockdown with a valid reason.
  - Weapons are for self-defense only. May only use a handgun.
  - May not take part in enforcing the law, such as hunting criminals or taking part in an attack of a base.
  - Laws may not override/alter the 3 default laws.
 - The Mayor gets a 5 minute immunity/godmode upon spawning. For 5 minutes he cannot be killed/kidnapped. This time will be used for building/preparing. Nobody can touch him.

Thief/Master Thief/Criminal Mastermind [Can Raid] [Can Counter Raid] [Can Mug]:

  - May not drop keypad crackers/lockpicks for anyone but fellow gangsters

Drug Baron [Can Raid] [Can Mug] [Can Counter Raid]:

  - You do not have to have a shop.
  - You do not have to sell to everyone.

Civilian Grade Gun Dealer/Military Grade Arms Dealer [Cannot Raid] [Cannot Mug] [Cannot Counter Raid]:

  - MUST have a shop within 10 minutes of becoming a Gun Dealer.
  - May NOT use this class as a personal weapon supply. For your sake, don't get caught abusing it.
  - May NOT be affiliated or part of gangs or organizations.
  - Can NOT have a gang/raiding base.
  - You may set up a shop with at most one other weapons dealer.
  - You must sell to everyone, unless you have a valid RP reason to refuse service. Otherwise you may be demoted.
  - You may NOT scam!
  - You may only have a pistol/handgun for self defense when you have another person/employee with you. Otherwise you may use any weapon you desire.

Black Market Dealer [Cannot Raid] [Cannot Mug] [Cannot Counter Raid]:

  - Does not have to have a shop. But building a small shack somewhere discrete/selling in alleyways is encouraged.
  - May NOT use this class as a personal weapon supply. For your sake, don't get caught abusing it.
  - Does NOT have to sell to anyone!
  - You may NOT scam!
  - You may only have a pistol/handgun for self defense if working with others, otherwise any weapon will do.

Doctor [Can come along in a raid but cannot shoot, even if hit in the crossfire] [Cannot Counter Raid] [Cannot Mug]:

  - You must heal everyone for a reasonable price.
  - You may have a shop with other Doctors.
  - You may NOT be affiliated with gangs and cannot base.
  - May only carry a handgun for self-defense.

Mercenary [Can Raid ONLY WITH their employer] [Can Counter Raid ONLY WITH their employer] [Can Mug ONLY WITH their employer]:

  - You can assist in criminal activities WITH your employer.
  - The employer pays for ONE LIFE. If you or the employer dies, the contract is terminated. The mission/assignment you are currently on is thereby void.

Terrorist/Terrorist leader [Can Raid - MAINLY Government, abuse of this will result in change of rules] [Cannot Mug] [Cannot Counter Raid]:

  - You can kidnap Government Officials or hold ONLY Citizens hostage/leverage.
  - You may NOT KOS Government Officials unless there is a war.
  - You may NOT spam Jihad attacks and you may only Jihad when there is a stable government present on the server.
 - You may NOT supply anyone except for fellow terrorists with Jihad bombs. They must use them responsibly as well!

Head Hunter [Cannot Raid] [Cannot Mug] [Cannot Counter Raid]:

  - Must stay in sewers/subways. You cannot go ABOVE ground. You can be on the edge of the border, IE the stairs on subway.
  - You may KOS anybody except Eternal Nightmare, sometimes even your own Head Hunter broskis!
  - You may not use any other weapons except the ones you spawn with.

Job RPG Progression Road Map

Read this list from left to right. Any branches will be on another line (I.E. SWAT branches off to Riot Officer or Special Forces)
Any jobs with a * at the end represents a Premium job while any job with a ** represents a VIP job.

Civil Protection --> Civil Protection Chief
                      --> Detective*
                     --> SWAT --> Riot Officer*
                                     --> Special Forces* --> Delta Force**

Hitman --> Assassin*

Hobo --> Hobo King*

Master Thief* --> Criminal Mastermind**

Terrorist --> Terrorist Leader**[/color]

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