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Hello beautiful people, I hope you're having a wonderful and delightful experience on our DarkRP Server. As you all may know, we actually are paying a hoster to run this server. We use donations to pay for and maintain the server, as well as invest in custom scripts/addons or help fund events/etc.

Currently we're using a "server coffers" system our hoster offers. Essentially 100% of donations go into our "server coffers" which the hoster will use to pay for the server. This ensures that ALL of the money goes back into the server.

Basically this is how it works, you can use a debit card, credit card, or Paypal to send an amount of money to our server coffers.

Now, how do you do it? Why just follow this link to our coffers:

*Required - Along with your message, send this information (There should be an option to):please put your Steam ID + Steam Name + Email, so we know who donated. If you do not do this, we will NOT give you your donation benefits if we cannot verify that you donated. Then message me on the forums.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page to prevent rage/crying/desk flipping (Applies to all Donators)

Premium - $5 Monthly

Gains Access to New Classes:

- Hobo King: The leader of the lowest members of society. Protect your hobo subjects and lead them to glory!

- Black Market Dealer: In reality a Super Illegal Weapons Dealer, sell weapons of pain and hurt and cause little kids to flip their desk in rage. Sell Med Kits to those in need and keypad crackers to those who cause trouble!

- Mafia Member: Ever wanted to be a part of one of the most renowned and notorious criminal organizations in history? Mafia members are considered to be specialists in their respective field, taking what isn't theirs!

- The Godfather: The brains behind the criminal syndicate known as the Mafia. Able to supply himself and others with Mafia-exclusive Tommy Guns.

- Master Thief: Break into houses at 1.5x the speed with your trusty lockpick and keypad cracker! Beat others to the loot!

- Assassin: Do massive damage to your target with the high risk high reward Thompson Contender sniper rifle and assassinate your targets from behind with a stealthy knife kill!

- Mercenary: Hired gun with an expertise in killing people. Work for the rick and influential to make boatloads of cash!

- Riot Officer: Stop raves and large riots with your trusty shotgun and disrupt the enemy with grenades. Whip out your lethal upgraded stunstick for tougher foes! Protect your allies from incoming fire with your riot shield and become the frontline against evil!

- Special Forces: Highly trained operative of the military, sent in only in times of great peril. They get the job done, with their superior firepower, they don't need strength in numbers.

- Detective: As a Detective you can operate outside the law to bring criminals to justice or help a client gain information about a player.

Also gains an extra Money Printer:

- Introducing the Epic Money Printer!

New commands:

- Votekick: !votekick allows you the power to help rid of troublemakers when the Ban Hammers aren't on. You can't be a vigilante admin though!

- Votegag: !votegag allows you the power to silence those pesky mic spammers when staff aren't online to assist. Don't be a vigilante admin though!

New Forum Rank (Cosmetic):

- [Premium] Forum Rank to let everybody know that this badass over here donated to keep the server alive and breathing! (Only during the duration of Premium)

VIP - $8 Monthly (Includes all Premium Perks)

Gains Access to New Classes:

- Head Hunter: Want to adventure down into the sewers? Well think again when there's a Head Hunter around. These Spooky Mysteries have unknown origins, partly because those who see them generally don't survive.

- Criminal Mastermind: Break into people's homes and steal things at a faster rate! Plan grand heists and evil schemes to become one of the most wealthy individuals in town!

- Combat Medic: Administer first aid to fellow officers while putting up a fight! Using the latest in medical innovation and technology, some say Combat Medics can heal faster than enemies can hurt them!

- Terrorist Leader: Gather your loyal Terrorists and attempt to cause chaos and destruction aimed at against the Government. Become the World Supreme Dictator and rule with an iron fist. Supply your loyal Terrorists with Jihad Bombs to terrorize the Government!

- The Devastator: A role that fits its name. Outfitted with near-impenetrable heavy armor and armed with a flamethrower, Devastators carve a flaming path of destruction...literally. When they are brought out, nothing stands in their way.

- Delta Force: You and 2 other highly trained killers are the most elite group of soldiers available. Only called upon in times of great crisis, you are a force to be reckoned with, especially with your experimental weaponry such as the new formula of highly lethal Nerve Gas generously supplied by the Mayor through classified means.

Also gains an extra Money Printer:

- Introducing the Legendary Money Printer!

New commands:

- Voteban: !voteban allows you the power to help rid of troublemakers when the Ban Hammers aren't on. You can't be a vigilante admin though!

New Forum Rank (Cosmetic):

- [VIP] Forum Rank to let everybody know that this badass over here donated to keep the server alive and breathing!

Disclaimer: By purchasing Premium or VIP, you agree to the following: Purchasing Premium or VIP does not grant immunity from being kicked or banned. Your privileges may be revoked by admins for abuse without warning or refund. We are not trying to steal your money, but you must follow the rules. Features of each package may be changed at any time, without warning or refund. If the server is shut down, temporarily or permanently you will not be given a refund. After you Donate, no refunds are possible. After donating, you will be treated the same/equal to everyone on the server. You cannot "buy" your way out of a ban. If you're banned the best way is to appeal at the Unban Request Section. Abuse of any permission/perk will result of it being taken away. You may "Gift" Premium/VIP to another Player/Member.

Restrictions: Abusing any of your perks will result in serious consequences. You may not "transfer" donator status.

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